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In addition to being the premier supplier of fasteners, ExpreSS Bolt & Gasket offers fabrication services for both standard and custom specifications. Our threading services machine standard bar stock - and other raw materials - into functional fasteners.

There are two means of creating threads on fasteners: rolling and cutting. While both processes yield similar results, there are a few differences that create variations in the products. For instance, a threaded bar will break at its weakest point - the root of the thread. Because the root diameter is smaller than the stock in cut thread and roll thread, the diameter is less relevant when thinking of the tensile strength. What matters more is the work performed at this weak point.

In cut thread bolts, no work has been done to the material. Metal is removed to form the thread. With rolled threading, the threading is formed by the movement of the metal during the cold forming process. This makes rolled threads stronger in a tensile test, but heat-treated cut thread fasteners can perform at the same level.

Roll Threading

Roll threading is a cold-forming process that uses a set of hardened steel dies to form the threads on a bolt. While the bolt is under high pressure, the steel grain flows in several directions, which makes the bolt stronger because it does nothing to disturb the steel’s structural integrity.

Cut Threading

The cut threading process severs the gain structure of the steel to produce threads. Cut thread fasteners can be produced to virtually any specification. This includes bolts of larger diameters.

While we maintain a vast inventory of threaded fasteners, we understand that they might not meet the precise specifications your job requires. With our threading services, we are able to machine unique components that match your requirements. Contact us today to see what ExpreSS Bolt & Gasket can do for you.