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ExpreSS Bolt & Gasket is able to offer a great deal of customization for fasteners and gaskets. We are able to machine fasteners and ring-type joint gaskets for our clients using a CNC machine (short for Computer Numerical Control). This type of machining is a manufacturing process that utilizes pre-programmed computer software, which dictates the movement of tools and machinery. This type of process can be used to control a wide range of complex machinery. By bringing this style of manufacturing in-house, we are able to produce customized fasteners and gaskets efficiently while maintaining control of the process. This is how we are able to provide high-quality components to our clients, efficiently and effectively.

CNC Machined Fasteners

While we carry the largest inventory of commercial products in our industry, we understand that certain jobs come with specific requirements. Our CNC machining process produces precise results with a wide array of materials. When you require unique components, you need them manufactured by someone you can trust. At ExpreSS Bolt & Gasket, we hold ourselves to the highest standard to ensure that every component we deliver is thoroughly tested and inspected.

CNC Machined Ring Type Joints

The ring-type joint is a metallic gasket used with grooved flanges. When you combine the right material and profile shape, it results in a highly reliable seal. ExpreSS Bolt & Gasket has a readily available supply of standard RTJ gaskets. We are also able to manufacture RTJ gaskets that meet more unique specifications through the CNC machining process.

If you’re in need of machining services, contact us today and see what ExpreSS can do for you.