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Specialty Bolts

At ExpreSS Bolt & Gasket, our facility enables us to machine specialty bolts, fasteners and gaskets customized to your specifications in any materials that you require. With our various CNC machines, we are capable of manufacturing any specially designed and per print product. Service and quality always are at the forefront of all our work well. Our goal for our customers is to deliver the best quality, best service and best product in the industry.

Stay Rods

Stay rods are used to connect a power end to the fluid end of a well service pump, such as a frac pump. This connection is absolutely essential for functional and safe operation, so you need to know that the product you receive is of high quality - tested, inspected, and approved. At ExpreSS Bolt & Gasket, we bring testing and inspection in-house so that our team has full quality control of our inventory. That’s how we know, and why you can rest assured, that every component we ship out is up to our own standards of quality.

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