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Range of Services


Express Bolt & Gasket provides our customers with a full range of manufacturing services. Capabilities include:

  • Cut Threading
  • Roll Threading
  • CNC Machining for Fasteners
  • CNC for RTJ Gaskets
  • Nut Tapping
  • Sawing
  • Forging
  • Heat Treating

Plating & Coatings

With S+S Industries as our parent company, Express Bolt & Gasket has a competitive edge. Backed by a brand with over 35 years in the plating industry, we ensure top of the line service and quick turn-around. Our broad range of services include manufacturing, plating, coating, and stock programs.


We have an outstanding relationship with the elite team of our parent company, S+S Industries, and are proud to utilize their more than 35 years of experience and honed skills. The services we offer include, zinc and manganese phosphate, black oxide, zinc electroplating with chromate conversion, cadmium with chromate conversion, silver, copper, tin, nickel, electroless nickel, and both hot-dip galvanized and mechanical galvanized plating.


By utilizing the vast experience and skill of our colleagues at S+S Industries, ExpreSS Bolt & Gasket provides you with the best plating and coating available. Drawing from over 35 years in the industry, we have a distinct edge over our competition. We deliver high quality products with exceptional service and quick, dependable turn-around.

The coating selections we offer include, all series and colors of Xylan, all colors of epoxy, Sermagard 1105/1280, and molybdenum disulfide.

Stock Programs

ExpreSS Bolt & Gasket offers an array of stock programs including bin stock, vendor-managed inventory (VMI), Kanban, consignment, inventory review, part number review, and consolidation. 

If your company requires a customized stocking program, ExpreSS Bolt & Gasket can design a program that's tailored to your company’s individual needs.